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Do you wish to prioritize the quantity or the precision of your search results?

2 ways to make a music search. Keep in mind, the way you initiate a search, impacts the quality and the quantity of words in your results.

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Refined Search: the simplest and fastest

Be careful, a search with vague keywords or with too broad concepts, such as (“positive”, ”hip hop”) will yield numerous results that might be too general. This type of search is useful when you don't have a precise idea of the music you're looking for.
Good to know, you can refine it using suggested keywords based on the words you've entered. By refining on beat-making (a sub-style of hip hop), only tracks in this style will appear in the search results, and the search will be more precise.

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Precise Search: The most relevant search

A search with precise keywords borrowed from multiple categories from the thesaurus (moods, styles, but also movements, textures, eras, countries, tempos, instruments, etc.) will yield more engaged and relevant results.

Let you inspired by our vocabulary
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Guided Search Engine: Let yourself be assisted

The main tags are suggested, start by choosing a style or music and explore the search possibilities.
This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the various aspects of production music.

Have a musical reference in mind?

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Youtube URL / Mp3 File: Let the magic begin!

Try our AI by copying and pasting the YouTube link or the mp3 file of your song in our search bar. Let the magic begin! The automatic search suggests results close to the submitted music (based on rhythms, instruments, and key characteristics of the reference track).
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Fan Of: in the style of your favorite …

Type the name of your artist, film, or song directly into the search bar, and the engine can suggest its best results.

Some Tips

Some Tips

Keywords Exclusion

You can exclude one of the keywords from your search and thus search for songs which, for example, do not contain piano or percussion or which are not sung.
Some Tips

Equal sign

Repeat the example with (the equal sign next to the player) netocracy with sound to hear that the titles are similar. You have the option to display tracks similar to a song of your choice using the equals sign icon

Some Tips


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Track lists handpicked for you. Explore hundreds of our curated playlists, classified by themes, by genre, by labels, type of series…
Some Tips

Clickable Words

Most keywords are clickable.
For example, find all tracks by a composer by clicking on their name. Or music tagged as "twangy guitar."


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